The winner would be the loser who evaluates defeat the ideal. While much was created to the Liberty Insurance All-Ireland Senior Camogie Championship Final of Kilkenny litany of defeats Galway have experienced their own close run affairs.
There was a clear sense in the aftermath it felt that a number of the criticism they’d obtained because of not making it to the September bash since 2015 was harsh and inspired the Tribeswomen .
It was evident from talking to dynamo Aoife Donohue, that the Galway players claimed that they had suffered every bit as much heartache and they had no intention of enduring anymore.
«There’s enormous belief in this group» said Donohue.
«Everyone trusts every other from the group. We have already been there. We have lost. There’s some of the girls have lost three or even four All-Irelands, we’ve been beaten in semi-finals.
«We have been on the opposite side of it also and I think that it’s about time we have a bit of credit now we’ve gotten on the internet. What a savage team»
Another clear motivation was colleague Tara Kenny unable to take her place after suffering a cruciate knee ligament injury in their training match, 10 days before what could have become the day of her athletic life’s sight.
«We played a board game Thursday week. A chunk came in between her and Ailish (O’Reilly). Tara slipped. Went for a scan the next day. Cruciate gone,» clarified Donohue.
«It obviously had a massive effect on the group but we said we were planning to go out and win for Tara and as Sarah (Dervan) stated up on the measures (in her victory speech), she had been the 16th girl who drove us over the line. I can’t imagine how it was for her to see to the sideline.
«But that’s the strength that is in the panel. Players come in and have a direct effect. Catherine Finnerty stood up, she’s plenty of legs and energy and she remained going until the last whistle.»
Dervan was that the captain but there were several survivors from the last victory in 2013 of Galway and that stood to them.
«There is leaders all over the pitch, and» continued Donohue. «Kilkenny went down and got a score, Niamh Kilkenny comes back the pitch up and throws the ball over the bar. We had them all.
«We knew we’d a great opportunity coming up. We beat Kilkenny in the League Final, there were two points in it Athenry (at the first round of the Championship once Kilkenny prevailed) and we all felt we did not execute that afternoon.
«(Manager) Cathal (Murray) said if we had been at the match with 10 minutes to go we’d come from the perfect side and happily that’s occurred.»
Donohue was a revelation for a midfielder, having won an All-Star within an inside.
«I will play anywhere,» she said. «I do not care as long as I’m on the group. If that was the ideal location for me to play with and Galway were likely to win and I didn’t mind. I have played there for the club. However, I’ve been in and outside year. Even in the last couple of moments I went wing-forward and Ann Marie Starr came .»
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