However dramatic Sunday’s Academy Awards presentation might prove to be (safe prediction: not quite ), it is going to be all but impossible for the ceremony to coordinate with the chaos of its run-up. Last summer, the Academy announced it might add a new prize for»favorite» film—a really terrible idea—just to reverse itself within a month. Back in December, days after being declared as the sponsor, Kevin Hart resigned after furor erupted over a series of nearly decade-old homophobic tweets and jokes. (Prepare yourselves: The last time the service went without a bunch, in 1989, is widely regarded as the worst Oscars .) Then word came out , to streamline the broadcast, the Academy would comprise renditions of only two of the nominees for Best Original Song, and would introduce some significant technical awards, including Best Cinematography, through commercial breaks. Both programs were reversed.
Here we are, back in the status quo ante, minus a single host. Well done all around.
As for the nominations themselves, it’s a reasonably competitive year, with couple of runaway favorites in the significant categories. Perhaps the most fascinating storyline is that the apparent front-runner for Best Picture is Alfonso Cuar??n’s Roma, a foreign-language film that, if it wins, would be the first of its kind to do so. (It would also be the first Best Picture win for the budding cinematic titan Netflix.)